Pledge of Noncompliance with SB 1070

  • Because this law and others like it will inevitably discriminate against people because of their race;
  • Because this law violates my freedom to associate with whomever I please;
  • Because this law will break up families;
  • Because this law is detrimental to the Arizona economy;
  • Because this law will harm good people and their loved ones;

I hereby pledge to:

  • Speak out against this immoral law;
  • Welcome into my home, establishment, or place of worship anyone I please, regardless
  • of their immigration status;
  • Drive in my vehicle anyone I please, regardless of immigration status;
  • Publicly and willfully disregard this law as a violation of human freedom.

I pledge to do these things to the extent I am able, even if they technically violate SB 1070 or similar legislation. In the face of immoral laws, I am obliged to follow a higher one. I do this for the good of myself, my family and friends, and Arizona.

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