History of the Repeal Coalition

Began in Flagstaff in November, 2007 with the developing of the resolution.


    • Protested Andrew Thomas speaking event at NAU in March, 2008 (not called Repeal yet)
    • Organized a Know Your Rights forum at St. Pius Church with Mecha in April, 2008…
    • Participated in the 2008 4th of July Parade in Flagstaff and almost got arrested for no permit
    • Brought in fellow organizer and guest speaker Dan to train Repeal members on the art of community organizing and leadership development in September, 2008.
    • Began door knocking in Sunnyside community and some neighboring communities in Flagstaff.
    • Organized a political rally at St. Pius Church in November, 2008, had about 100 people in attendance.
    • The same night of the rally ICE raided Sunnyside and some local businesses.
      • The next day we met with about 30 volunteers at a local park to determine what to do next and began notifying people about ICE’s presence and notified people of their rights.
      • Had about 25 volunteers meet near Killup elementary school to help escort children home from school.
      • Began patrolling Sunnyside community and Flagstaff to respond to ICE operations and a large local police presence and harassment.
      • Held a protest near the Coconino County Jail in Flagstaff to protest ICE’s presence. About 75 people were there.
      • That weekend we organized a march from Killup elementary to Route 66 to create a larger public awareness and involve Sunnyside community members.
      • ICE had a list of about 42 names of people they wanted to arrest, but were only able to locate and arrest about 16 people as our response was able to effectively get the word out to people and made it harder for ICE to operate in secrecy as they wanted to.
    • Worked with Northern Arizona Interfaith Council (NAIC) to plan a legal aide clinic at St. Pius Church. Had 4 attorneys attend and about 50 people from the community.
    • Brought in Beca from Mass as a full time volunteer to assist us for a few weeks. Beca then became so connected to the work that she then decided to move to Phoenix for a while to help develop a group there.
    • Began the Phoenix Repeal group in December.


    • Assisted Peace and Justice Center on developing another resolution that would specifically just be used to denounce ICE. In response to this resolution we were able to get the Mayor of Flagstaff to issue a proclamation that talked about human rights and proclaimed a duty to build community with everyone regardless of documentation (proclamation holds less power than a resolution though).
    • Implemented a door knocking and organizing training session in Phoenix in Feb.
    • Attended a non-violent skill-share at the community college in Prescott, AZ which was about in April. Had an hour long workshop and discussion devoted to Repeal strategy and information.
    • Spoke at a racial profiling event organized by the ACLU at the same college the day before the skill-share where we discussed information we learned during door knocking and how it affects the community as a whole.
    • In June, ICE looked to open an office in Flagstaff and presented their case to the City Coucil. Repeal worked with NAIC and Peace and Justice to speak out at the Council session against ICE. Several Repeal members spoke and we were effectively able to get the City Council to deny ICE access to any public buildings for an office.
    • Participated in the 4th of July parade in 2009 in Flagstaff (we had a permit this time).
    • Organized Freedom Summer to bring in volunteers from other cities and states to learn about Repeal. Freedom Summer began in late June and lasted until early August.
      • Held another political rally at the end of Freedom summer at St. Pius Church.
      • Held a Rapid Response training event a week later.
    • Organized a community meeting at San Pablo church in August
    • Worked with Nuestros Derechos to put on a Know Your Rights forum at San Pablo in September
    • Organized two political events to run simultaneously, with one at NAU and one at the East Flag public library.
    • On September 26th we held two door knocking training sessions: One at St. Pius church and one at NAU to help bring in people immediately that had attended the political forums.
    • Held another Rapid Response training session at St. Pius Church in early October.

Future plans

  • On October 9th we will have guest speaker David Bacon speak at NAU. Then on the 10th he will speak at Prescott College in the day and then at NAU in the evening. Will also be an opportunity to recruit people
  • On October 14th we will have a Legal Aide Clinic at San Pablo church.
  • In the next few months we will have a Southern Arizona speaking tour where we will go Prescott, Yuma, Tucson, and possibly other locations and speak about Repeal and the strategy we use.
  • Planning on holding a public forum in early December at San Pablo, or perhaps another location if need be.
  • Fellow volunteers are planning a fund raisers in Mass. And Chi Town for Repeal Coalition in the near future.
  • Will work on trying to bring in a full time paid organizer from the CNC to assist us
  • Many more things to come…
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