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The capital of Arizona state - Phoenix - is located in the hot and arid Sonoran desert. However, this city is ready to surprise you with the diversity of flora and fauna, formed here not only thanks to 2 rainy seasons a year, but also to the authorities' special attention to the development and "greening" of the city. By the way, the 2 largest cities in Tucson and Yuma are also located in Sonoran desert.

Events in Arizona

Renaissance Festival

Going to Arizona in February, be sure to schedule a visit to the "Renaissance" festival, dedicated to the traditions of a bygone era. The venue of the festival is a charming valley, located among mountains and desert landscapes near Phoenix. The festival starts in February and lasts until the end of March. The festival program is incredibly rich and diverse: impressive historical installations and an abundance of people in beautiful old clothes, cheerful fairs and tasting of exquisite medieval dishes, performances of musicians and street artists. This is not all the list included in the festival events.

Ostrich Festival

At the end of March, you may visit an unforgettable Ostrich festival. For 3 days, you can see various animal shows, concerts, an exotic zoo, a lot of recreational facilities and. The race on ostriches is the key element of all this meeting. A lot of impressions are guaranteed!

Medical Festival

The medical festival is devoted to the development of the online pharmaceutical business in Arizona. Various companies will exhibit their products and possible services. Companies from all over the world will take part in this festival including pharmacy mall online. It is one of the leading online pharmacies offering customers products delivered to every corner of the world. The festival program will also include the performance of giving the first aid, of how to react in certain extremal situations. Professionals in the medical sphere will share their experience. The festival will be conducted on June 17, 2018.

Attractions and Sightseeings in Arizona

Arizona attracts tourists primarily by the opportunity to see the famous Grand Canyon. Undoubtedly, the largest river canyon in the world is the main sightseeing of this state.

The state of Arizona is famous for its nature conservation areas, such as the National Park "Pineda De Desert", the archaeological site of the culture of Pueblo, the National Monument of Tonto, the National Park "Saguaro". Only in Arizona you can see a meteorite crater with a diameter of 1250 m and visit a museum dedicated to American astronautics and meteorites.

The rest in Arizona is a helicopter tour over the canyon, rafting down the Colorado River, visiting the Tusayan Archaeological Museum, walking along the Petrified Forest and Rainbow Forest reserves, fishing on the picturesque artificial lake Powell and much more.

By the way, in the city of Tucson, there is the world famous Reid Park Zoo, which is considered to be one of the best on the planet.

The Great Canyon

One of the seven natural wonders of the world was created by the Colorado River more than a million years ago. This colorful gorge, carved by a stormy river in the thickness of limestones, slates and sandstones, is 446 km long and 29 km wide, and the gorge depth is 1800 m. The view of the huge gorge is made even more unearthly by the accumulation of many rocks and cliffs of the most fanciful forms.

The fanciful beauty of the canyon will not leave you indifferent - thanks to different types of sandstone canyon shimmers in different colors, water and wind painted on the steep walls of the canyon whole pictures - you see here towers, pyramids, pagodas.

There are many viewing platforms, buses travel every 10-15 minutes. Tourists like to go down into the canyon on mules, rafting on inflatable rafts down the Colorado River and flying over the canyon by helicopters. Well, especially hardy fans of extreme sports go down on their own and enjoy not only the landscape but feel also adrenaline and the opportunity to tell friends about the conquest of the Great Canyon.

Despite the wide variety of routes and excursions, the most beloved of travelers is the Celestial Path - an observation bridge with a glass floor in the shape of a horseshoe form. This bridge is built at an altitude of 1219 m. The path seems to hover above the abyss, and everyone standing there is experiencing incomparable sensations - the beauty and grandeur of the canyon are breathtaking!

Weather in Arizona

Arizona is characterized by a mild climate, represented by a very hot summer and mild winter. Typically, from autumn to spring, the temperature is kept at +16 °C, but it can rise to +52 °C in the summer months. Travelers who decided to visit Arizona in the summer should take into account that they are in for a very strong temperature fluctuation. If the daytime is usually warm, then there can often be frosts at night. Do not forget that in July and August the monsoon season starts with wind, thunderstorms, heavy downpours and floods, so at this time it's better to refrain from traveling to Arizona.

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